THE BRIGHT ID'er -- HUGE Caller ID Display -- 20 feet away

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 This animated page will run only with a MSIE4+ browser & should download 2 objects:  
  (1) Microsoft Agent core components... 395K  and  (2) Learnout & Houspie text-to-speech engine... 1.6 mb.  It may take 5-10 minutes depending on your internet connection speed.   Do not exit this page until it says "Done"in the lower left corner.   Double click on Peedy  to stop his animations.    (3) Still don't hear the speech? --Click here to fix it     
8-Levels of Brightness

 ~The BRIGHT ID'er...  A huge Caller ID display you can see across the room...   20-Feet Away... Even at night! -- It's 10.5" wide and 4" high

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You can see who's calling from across the room... 20-feet away.... 
Even at Night... on a 10.5" x 4" display! 

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  Un-reviewed Call Counter (1-99)

Peedy's Speech

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Name or Number Display, or both.

8-Levels of Brightness control

Now with 99+Plus Smart~List (tm)

Recycles Telemarketer Calls first

Desk,  Wall-mount, or under shelf

12 or 24-Hour Programmable Clock

Clock is Reset by the Phone Company with each Call event.

Off-Hook LED shows when extension is in use


The Bright ID'er ® Caller ID -- $99.95 -- Buying direct from the manufacturer has its benefits... we now include a ONE-YEAR extended warranty & a free Pen-Top Phone Line Tester -- The BRIGHT ID'er is proudly made in USA

ITC 6700B_GM2 ~ TWO or more Bright ID'er Caller IDs w/1 Yr warranty ~ $94.95 each -- Buy 2 or more and get 5% discount

With PayPal -- $99.95 Includes Shipping to the Continental USA 

MetroTelCorp, Inc. --  Ph: 320-354-2929
26 First Avenue SE
-- New London, MN 56273 

-- bright.htm -- A speaking web page by Greg Molenaar -- 29 April, 2005

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* This page combines Microsoft AgentControls, Peedy.acs, L&H TruVoice 6, and MASH5 under the direction of greg molenaar ~ Prerequisites for the Agent Components and speech controls: 

  • Windows® 9x, Windows NT® 4.0 (x86), Windows 2000, Windows Me, or later

  • Internet Explorer version 4.0 or later

  • A Pentium 100-MHz PC (or faster)

  • At least 16 MB of RAM

  • At least 1 MB free disk space for the core components

  • An additional 2-4 MB for each character you install (e.g. Peedy.acs)

  • An additional 32K for each language component (dll).




 Or  Install  tv_euna.exe  Speech Engine

The Best Caller ID around the globe...  the largest one in the world!
           From - A demo of  Microsoft Agent Character animation & Text to Speech